Socio-ecological Union

Enhancing Civil Society Engagement in the Work of UNEP
Strategy Paper for CPR

4. Legislative and Financial Implications

4.1. Legislative Implications

  • Rule 69 of the GC Rules of Procedure require revision as per recommendation under item 3.2, above.
  • GC decision 19/32 will require amendment in order to establish the Global Environment NGO Forum (GENGOF).
  • GC Rules of Procedure may require revision to allow GENGOF to table draft decisions at the Governing Council.
  • Accreditation procedures will need to be reviewed to reflect the revised Rule 69.

4.2. Financial Implications

  • Budget will need to be allocated through the NGOs/CS Unit to support meetings and other operations of the GENGOF.
  • Budget allocation required for Regional Offices support to CSO regional networks.
  • Minimal resources needed for capacity-building activities of NGOs/CS Unit.
  • External resources will need to be solicited for the CSO Trust Fund.
  • Increased core budget is required for the NGOs/CS Unit.

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