Socio-ecological Union

Enhancing Civil Society Engagement in the Work of UNEP
Strategy Paper for CPR

5. Recommendations for Further Action

Most of the options proposed in this strategy will require some level of follow-up, either to determine the feasibility of the option, or to implement where feasibility is clear. Below is a summary of the main recommendations for action emanating from the proposed options.

5.1. Actions to be undertaken by the Governing Council

  1. Establish a high-level forum of CSO representatives on the model of the Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GMEF)
  2. Rule 69 of the GC Rules of Procedure require revision as per recommendation under item 3.2, above.
  3. GC decision 19/32 will require amendment in order to establish the Global Environment NGO Forum (GENGOF).
  4. Re-visit the NGO policy statement to ensure it provides clear enough direction to the secretariat to guarantee that all programmes and projects must take into account opportunities for multi-stakeholder approaches.
  5. A CSO Trust Fund to be established, and donor support solicited, to support the targeted implementation of this strategy.

5.2. Actions to be undertaken by the Secretariat

  1. Develop tools for monitoring and evaluation of civil society engagement in the work of UNEP.
  2. Environment Directory to be developed and managed as UNEP's authoritative database on NGOs, in close collaboration between DEWA, the NGOs/CS Unit, and the GC Secretariat (for accreditation purposes).
  3. Further develop UNEP.Net as a mechanism to engage NGOs/CS in information exchange.
  4. NGOs/CS Unit to develop a training programme for CSOs, as well as for UNEP staff in skills for working with major groups.
  5. Regional Offices to develop strategies to foster regional CSO networking structures.
  6. NGO/CSO office to coordinate with the different programmes to identify CSO focal points, and establish a working group to address common issues related to CSO engagement.
  7. The CSO working group to develop a CSO communication strategy in consultation key external stakeholders.
  8. Accreditation and organizational assessment procedures to be revised to reflect the amended Rule 69, and to support more effective engagement of CSOs in the work of UNEP.

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