Socio-ecological Union
For the Earth!

"For the Earth!"

Why we keep working?

We believe, that it is necessary to make radical changes of human society in compliance with environmental priorities. We must stop production and consumption structures, that have an adverse impact on nature. We strive towards cultural and biological diversity.

Main tools to attain these aims are: promoting grass roots organizations/groups and development of decentralized networks, improving solidarity and education, as well as non-violent direct actions (included protests, boykots and vigils) so that people are able to act for social and environmental justice from local to global level.

"Progress is the realization of utopias!"

Your aspiration, Your activity, Your contribution - are necessary! If you don't start acting today, tomorrow You will have to face all the CONSEQUENCES of Your inertness!

Only Your regular participation and support will help us stay independent from government, political parties and commercial corporations and to continue our struggle for conservation of the Sacred Earth.

"We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us".


Contact us:

For the Earth! Environmental Organization
14, Naberejnaya St.
734003, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Tel/fax (+992 372) 24-12-77, 24-91-44

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