Socio-ecological Union

"For the Earth!"


Program "Green Initiatives"

Program is aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding of problems of degradation/destruction of environment, as well as to promote change in attitudes and behaviour towards greater sustainability.

Main activities within the program are as follows :

  • Open library on environmental protection issues and provide free consultations for population;
  • Issuing of brochures and others publications on environmental issues and ecological education;
  • Conducting of workshops, meetings, round tables on different questions of environmental protection;
  • Conducting and developing of ecological actions (International as well as local) and supporting of volunteers;
  • Adoptation and introduction of the best green experiences and practices both of local and foreign NGOs. Translation of materials from English to Russian, etc.


  • "Becoming green together!" (March-May2000) supported by Save the Children/ UK
  • "SPARE-International school project on energy and resources use" (May 2001) support by Norwegian Society for the conservation of Nature
  • "Earth Day and March for Parks" (Annually, since 1998) "2nd side of the sheet", "Water Save Week", etc. (periodical actions)

Earth 21 Network Program

"Earth 21 Network" Program - promote the realization of human rights to open access to environmental information and help informed citizens about environmental conditions and reasons/ threats of the environment degradation/destruction.

Within this program we work on:

  • Collecting, analysis and spreading of environmental information;
  • Publication of a printed non-periodical bulletin "It's time to act!"
  • Spreading of e-mail bulletins "For the Earth Newsletter" and "Vsyakoe Raznoe";
  • Further spreading e-mail materials from overseas organizations to local NGOs;
  • Informational support of local and international actions and campaigns - Earth Day, March for Parks, Buy nothing Day, Car free Day (including translation of materials)
  • Developing of cooperation with Mass Media representatives.


Informational support:

  • Earth Day and March for parks (annually since 1998)
  • Car Free Day (April 2001, plan annually)
  • World Environment Day (June 2000-2001)
  • E-mail bulletin "Vsyakoe Raznoe" (June 2000-till now)
  • Cooperation with CCI SEU (Moscow), Eco-club "Katena" (Ashgabat), radio station "Sadoi Dushanbe" and etc.

Partnership development Program

The program assists to development of joint programs and projects, seeking for join priorities and increasing of effectiveness of final results and strengthening of "green" movement.

Activities within this program are as follows:

  • Organizing and holding special meetings with participation of interested organizations;
  • Seeking for priorities and development of partnership strategy;
  • Reorganization of activities;
  • Development of partnership/join actions, projects and programs;
  • Seeking for partner organizations for work in the network.


  • Coopearation with Resource Center for NGOs under Counterpart Consortium (present "green" publications for it's library) (December 2000-till now)
  • Initiative on organizing Youth Ecological Council
  • Agreement with "Green Salvation" (Almaty) on spreading their publications in Tajikistan for local NGOs, teachers, activists.

Children in emergencies Program

The main goal of the program "Children in emergencies" is mitigation of emergencies through training and preparation of the population for them. We pay special attention to work with children.

Within the program we work:

  • To prepare and develop educational programs for children aimed at studying correct behavior before, during and after emergencies (elementary skills, first necessary measures and steps, first aid, preparedness);
  • To conduct workshops and training of trainers for teachers and youth to develop local initiatives within the program;
  • To develop new manuals and brochures on emergencies, adapt, translate available materials to Tajik and Russia (such as American Red Cross and FEMA publications);
  • To conduct special excursions, camps for children, emergency drills;
  • To cooperate with the Ministry of Emergencies.


  • "Children in emergencies" (March'-June 99)
  • "August in Khorog" (August 1999)
  • "Again to Khorog" (January 2000)
  • "Rushan: prepare for emergencies" (July-September 2000) supported by Focus Humanitarian Assistance
  • "Bussines for Tomorrow" (Sept'-Dec' 2000) supported by AED/Global training for development project
  • "Bartang valley schools disasters preparedness" (Dec' 2001) supported by AED/Global training for development project and Focus Humanitarian Assistance

Contact us:

For the Earth! Environmental Organization
14, Naberejnaya St.
734003, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Tel/fax (+992 372) 24-12-77, 24-91-44

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