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The view of public to the opening of channel Danube-Black Sea: the thirst stage of distraction of natural reservations in Ukraine has begun.

The 26th of August President of Ukraine L. Kuchma opened the channel Danube-Black Sea. The event was made with a large pomp. Supporting one of the most scandal politic gamble of the last years Leonid Danilovich has celebrated the completion of his president period.

This event is timed to 13th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. It seems like the Minister of Transport Kirpa tried to reflect the projects symbolism for ecological sphere of post socialist Ukraine. This project is the largest by its ignoring of acting legislation, international and public opinion.

The building of the channel has reflected a change of attitude of powerful top to nature protection.

Today activities of Ukraine departments are directed on reception of the budgetary financing for their project. And they pay attention neither to economic nor to ecologic practicability. Slogans of the economic rebirth are used only for hiding of the true target. Ministry of Transport in the channel construction used the same way. At first step there was a project which takes long-time huge financing - the supporting of deepness of channel and its ability to let pass large ship takes much money deposits. And just after there was imagined the fictitious economic practicability of construction of navigation channel in Bistroe estuary. Later the project was turned into the life by all the power of administrative system. There were used Administration of President and the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine.

The strategy would be impossible if the Ministry of Ecological resources was caring out its functions. In 2003 the powerful top had successfully solved the problem having assigned to the post of Ecominister the ex-minister of coal industry S. Polyakov. Before coming of Polyakov the Ministry of Ecological Resources was trying to follow the acting legislation, but after he come it had turned into screen hiding lawlessness in the sphere of nature protection.

In times of USSR natural reservations were destroyed because of ideological considerations. Today they are destroyed to please narrow interests of people close to the authorities. The Danube reservation is just well-known example amongst them. In the same time powers are destroying other less known specifically protected natural territories. It happens invisibly for Ukrainian and world public.

During more than 10 years public ecological organizations of Ukraine, National Science Academy, deputies of high Parliaments were coming out against finishing of building of Tashlik gudrocumulative electrostation and accompanying it building of Alexander water reservoir (Nikolay district). Construction of the electrostation itself hardly disagrees with national environmental legislation. And besides of that the creating of water reservoir will lead to flooding the unique lands of South Bug - the part of regional landscape park "Granite-steppe Pobuzhie". It means destroying value geological and archeological monuments and only in Ukraine places of inhabitant of species of plants and animals included into the Red Book of Ukraine.

In 2001 Cabinet of Ministers has accepted the resolution about finishing the building of Tashlik electrostation. And now it is preparing removing of the regional landscape parks area for creation of water reservoir.

Until 1998 unique natural complexes of Kazantip peninsula (Crimea) were saved in the same named protected land covering its greater part. In 1998 protected land was abolished. There was created reservation instead of that. But the central part of peninsula was not included into the reservation. Nowadays there is extracting petroleum and there is kept the agricultural production.

By the decision of the Soviet of Ministry of Autonomous Republic Crimea in 2002 for building of cottages there was withdrawn 78 meters of coast zone from the natural reservation "Cape Martian".

1st of July 2002 Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine on the initiative of present Premier Minister V. Yanukovich has withdrawn out of 147 hectare of territory of Donecky botanical garden for expansion so named "village of Yanukovichs relatives".

Nowadays Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine has prepared project of the edict of President of Ukraine, which plans to withdraw out of Donecky botanical garden 59 hectare more for expansion of the hotel complex "Lux" belonging to oligarch . Ahmetov.

There are raising 6 summer cottages in Nikitinsky botanical garden (Crimea) for high Ukraine officials. Illegal cottage construction is conducted also in Yalta mountain-forest natural reservation.

It is just some examples:

The company against Danube reservation destroying has got a symbol character because of constructing the channel authorities ignore legislative norms and the public opinion. It seems to be DEMONSTRATIVE act. Like as they watch public reaction to this lawlessness. If everything went off all right there will go on destruction of other natural protected areas:but having lots of problems they will have to consider Constitutional norms...


So we call all sensibly thinking people to stand up on protection of this reservation.

The Ukrainian power contrary to all has destroyed natural ecosystem of Bistroe estuary. And now they must restore it!

The International community should take into account a real political situation in our country at their own relations with Ukraine and not only promises of officials!

We call the government of the countries of the world and shipowner not to use the navigable way along Bistroe estuary!

May be just after it Ukrainian government will become to keep the international obligations?

S. Shaparenko, Ecological group "Pechenegi",
V. Boreyko, Kiev eco-cultural center,
A. Shevchuk, Odessa detachment of International Social-Ecology Union,
Ukrainian coalition "For wild nature"

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