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Ukraine Prepares to Kiev-2003: the Destiny of Danube Reserve is Not Decided Yet

The session of Ukraine Government, which was supposed to decide the destiny of the navigation channel and Danube reserve, is postponed. Probably, it will be held after the conference of European ministers "Environment for Europe", which is to be held in Kiev 21-23th May.

All the sessions of the Government during April weren't concluded by any definite decision. Most likely, the authorities didn't want to make such disreputable decision as ruining of most valuable national reserve on the eye of such important international meeting.

But if someone from the authorities of Ukraine, especially the Transport Ministry, expects, that after the summit in Kiev the channel can be constructed without barrier, they are mistaken.

Since the beginning of May the campaign "a letter to the minister" has begun. The citizens of the different countries write the letters to the European ministers and to Margot Wallstrom, the European commissioner environment on. They ask the ministers to open on the conference in Kiev the question about preservation of integrity of the Danube reserve.

Already in the first day of the campaign tens of letters were received from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, India, Poland, Belgium, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries. In the letters, in particular, is told " In conditions of political expansion of the all-European space it is necessary to use any opportunity to keep last rests of a natural heritage ".

It is known, that official Kiev devotes close attention to "the European choice". However, if the authority of Ukraine has a show of respectability on the "high level", on the local level baiting of the reserve goes on. Poison-pen letters, improbable accusations contrived by "Delta Lotsman" and their apprentices, endless revisions, and even brutal force are used against the reserve.

It is not a secret, that such encounters occur with knowledge and connivance of the Ukrainian high officials, which for some reason feel absolutely omnipotent and unpunishable. But one of attributes of the "European choice" on the contrary is accountability of the officials and authorities to the community. Therefore the first step towards Europe should become reformation and "reeducation" of the ministries and departments of Ukraine, in particular, the Transport Ministry.

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