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Protest at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest

- 21st of May 2004 -
The protest was organized by the press group "Academia Catavencu" and their newly formed NGO "Salvati Dunarea si Delta" (Save the Danube River and Delta).

Press statement:
"Protest action at the Ukrainian Embassy Today 'Salvati Dunarea si Delta - Academia Catavencu' Association, together with 50 journalists from the press, radio and television, has organized a protest action in front of the Ukrainian Embassy, asking for the stop of construction works of the Danube-Black Sea Canal, which started on the Bystroye branch on the 11th of May this year - Radio Romania Actualitati announces. The Danube Delta has been declared as a natural reservation under protection of UNESCO, and the construction of the canal could have negative effects on the ecosystem. The protesters have signed and given in a statement, announcing they will continue with these kinds of protests if construction works will not be stopped. 21-05-2004 17:52"

Journalists from "Academia Catavencu" and "Aventuri la pescuit" (Fishing Adventures) Magazine (belonging to the same press group) were the organizers. The protesters were in their great majority journalists and known figures from the Romanian show-biz (people from different newspapers, from Antena1, ProTV, Prima, Realitatea and other TV stations). They wore t-shirts inscribed with "save the Delta" message, and brought loud speakers which played sounds of the Danube Delta: sounds of birds, frogs, mosquitoes etc. A statement was written and signed by all who were present, and then introduced in the Embassy's mail box. All this time the Embassy was silent and nobody came out for discussions. At the end the protesters laid water lilies on the sidewalk in front of the Ukrainian Embassy.

The "Salvati Dunarea si Delta" NGO has as main objectives: saving the natural environment, bringing projects and making propositions for developing tourism and creating sustainable development in the Delta. Protesters warn that if constructions are not stopped, they will address superior forums and the UN Security Council.

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