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Free Farid Tukhbatullin

Possible Letter Text

Dear Mr. President!

Our organization (NAME) expresses its deep concern in connection with detention on 23 December 2002 of a member of Dashgouz ecological club Mr. Farid Tukhbatullin. Mr. Tukhbatullin is a member of SEU and since 1997 is participating in solving ecological problems within framework of our organization. We are acquainted with Mr. Tukhabullin's activities and confirm that it was never connected to the activity on the opposition. Farid Zulftovich is dealing with the problems of protection of nature and monitoring of ecological situation, being an ecologist of high qualification. We appeal to you with the request to provide our organization with information on the reasons of Mr. Tukhbatullin's detention.

We also ask you to assume personal control on this situation and prevent violation of legislation in this case.

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