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Simultaneous action against GMOs held across Russia
We modify our plants today - tomorrow they will modify us

On April 9 simultaneous actions against GMOs were held across Russia in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Kostroma, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod.
  In Moscow the information action "WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT GMOs?" was held on Komsomolskaya square which is one of the most crowded places in the city, at an entrance in the "Ramstor" hypermarket which is the largest metropolitan shop. Action participants talked to the consumers and handed out . They asked what people know about genetically modified organisms (GMO's). The action was led by the participants of SEU's Campaign "For biosafety".
  In information sheets was the short illustrated story of GMOs, and what kind of consequences could happen. Besides there was the list of some potentially unsafe products. The students of school N1321 "Covcheg" helped to distribute the leaflets and to interview people. Dressed in colourful costumes of vegetables and fruits they distributed about 500 leaflets for 1,5 hours. The buyers showed their interest. The action was successful. The hypermarket management showed their concern about GMO-related issues and gave assistance to the action participants. A huge thanks to them for it.
  In Russia such simultaneous action was held for first the first time. It attracted significant attention of national and regional media. Similar actions were held in Yaroslavl and Kostroma. Activists went out to the streets of the cities, talking to consumers about GM-foods. In Kazan Students Nature Protection Movement, besides street talk, made and exhibition on GMOs problem in the hall of Kazan University building. As all who attended the exhibition showed their interest in the issue, orgnizers decided to make the exhibition a kind of permanent action, updating constantly the informational materials.
  In Voronezh action targeted local McDonalds, or, to be more correct, the place where it is planned to be erected.
  Some more actions are planned for the Earth Day.
  Despite of the warnings that modern technologies of genetic engineering aren't balanced yet and can give unpredictable result (so they are dangerous), trans-national corporations (TNC's) hurry up to fill in the market by GM production.
  The biotechnological corporations proclaim, that their new production - various kinds of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) - would overcome the global famine, would cure epidemic diseases and would improve the health of society.
  Actually the leaders of GM industry by their actions in business and politics clearly show, that they want simply to use GMO to grasp and monopolize the world market of ˝crops, foodstuffs, medical preparations, wood and other products. Because of that, the consumers, of course, should keep abreast of events to make a choice in the "ocean" of various products. They should understand consequences of using GMO for their health.

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