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Pasko Needs Help Dear colleagues and friends!

Next trial will be hopefully in 4 months. But nobody knows for sure. Now we should ACT to influence the court decision!

What YOU CAN DO to support Russian journalist and ecologist Pasko

Question sharply about the case any Russian official of any level especially in the media and other countries official presence

Picket, boycott or do other public demonstration of your concern about the case at the visit of Russian officials to your country or before the official Russian entities at your country

As a tax payer of developed country express your concern to your Government and Parliament through media, letter, request or public demonstration about your money in a form of international aid going to Russia and supporting non-democratic regime

You can also send your letters and faxes of support to:

General-Major Sergey Volkov (Chairman of Pasific Fleet Military Court)
Tihookenskiy voenniy sud
Svetlanskaya 55
690010 Vladivostok

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
121069 Moscow Russia Povarskaya 15
fax: + 7-095-293-55-84

President Putin
President's Administration
Moscow, Staraya ploschad' 4
Fax: +7 095-206-07-66

You can support Grigory by providining links from your sites to Grigory Pasko pages

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