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Nature in War


Much of the Palestinian life depends on the essential goods and services provided by the variety of genes, species, populations and ecosystems. The natural ecosystems provide support for human activities in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry traditional and pharmaceutical health products, tourism and many others. These systems are essential also for their aesthetic and intrinsic value, the stabilizing effect of the ecosystems and the protection of the integrity of the overall environment.

During the uprising and following the Israeli regime of diversifying the macabre techniques and targets of its organized and well-meditated aggression, Fauna and Flora of Palestine have ended up in the same place that more than 220 martyrs have ended up in- buried. In Gaza, Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda newspaper reported that Israeli bulldozers have buried 5000 chickens in Dir al Balah along with tens of goats and more than 200 trees. Health officials warn against a health disaster due to the accumulated corpses that could've not been collected. Elsewhere in the strip, pigeon farms on rooftops have been wiped out by Israeli bombardment that took place on Nov. 27. Fishery sector has reportedly loss an access of 1,000,000 USD due to continuous closure.

In the northern Governorates of the West Bank and in Gaza, the Israeli bombardment has burned a big pet store where rabbits, birds, fish, puppies and kittens along with different types of flowers and roses have been set ablaze. And in Jericho, where Beehive loss has increased to 500,000 USD, Bedouins' tents have been destroyed along with cattle farms in an area majoring 120 square meters.

As for the Israeli -declared nature reserves in the West Bank, Palestinians have only access to 15%of the total 85% of the Eastern Slopes. Likewise, they have been used by IDF as military camps occupied for training and military purposes, which is against all international environmental rules, frames and standards.

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