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Israel is committing genocide against a whole population. This is not exaggeration, because the killing is not just only physical, it is also psychological and emotional. Israel has gotten away with not implementing United Nation Security Council resolutions for so long now. The result is causing perpetual Palestinian agony and suffering, causing numerous daily deaths and injuries of Palestinians confronting the Israeli occupation army.

Palestinian children are overwhelmed with sadness, traumas and confusion. A new generation is being raised surrounded by hate, killings, massacres and economic hardships. The irony of the Israeli mentality is that it will blame everybody else for the current state of affairs engulfing the Middle East. Never does it blame itself, nor does it blame its barbaric and criminal killings, destruction and humiliation of the Palestinian people. It appears that Israel does not think much of the Arab people in the neighboring countries, Israel behaves as if its atrocities against the Palestinian population will not affect the Arab masses in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and the Muslim masses in Iran and Indonesia.

The buzzword used in the media is 'flashpoints' - most of these killings are taking place at 'flashpoints.' In fact, these are areas at the entrances to Palestinian towns and villages. Has nobody asked this vital question - What is the Israeli army doing at the entrances to Palestinian towns? Why do they need to be there? And if they were not there, would the Palestinians throw rocks? And another question springs to mind. Why, when a Palestinian is shot dead - he is killed, and when an Israeli is shot - he is murdered?

More than 303 Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli occupation army more than 11000 thousand Palestinians were injured, 350 Palestinians children, men and women are clinically dead in hospitals, more than 1500 civilians are crippled and made handicapped. More than three million Palestinians are in large prisons in the West Bank and Gaza, deprived of adequate food supplies, medicine and fuel. A whole population is in captivity. The death toll is still rising and the economic hardship is worsening even more. Terminally disabled and the seriously injured are and will be one of the major problems facing the Palestinian society even after or if this aggression comes to an end.

A Palestinian call on the donor nations to fulfill their financial commitments and moral obligations in order to establish productive work generation programs for Palestinian workers and laborers. This call is echoed by UNRWA that calls on the Donor countries to provide 39.5 us dollars to enable it provide necessary assistance to the Palestinian refugees.

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