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Settlers' attacks continued regularly throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Settler groups allover Gaza and West Bank carried out extensive assaults against civilians, where several Palestinians have been seriously injured and hospitalized of severe beatings by settlers. reports that Jewish settlers and Israeli occupation forces use laser guided missiles and bullets in killing Palestinians at night and in the darkness. Elsewhere, a Jewish settler woman protected by Israeli occupation soldiers fires at Palestinian civilians downtown Hebron and injured two people on Nov. 21. It was later reported that she was the same settler who attacked Mary Robinson's convoy with an iron pipe while touring H-2 section of Hebron.

Nov. 13, 2000 Ma'ariv and Al-Hayatt Al-Jadeeda newspapers report that in West Jerusalem, tens of thousands of right wing Israelis demonstrate calling for more Palestinian blood. The government of Barak is led by the nose and is forced by Israeli right wing to inflict more damage and to massacre more Palestinians to quench the thirst of Jewish right-wingers.

The Palestinian people and a good majority of the Israeli public in Israel are facing a sick mentality calling for more massacres, more bloodshed and more revenge. While the Palestinian people are asking for an international force to come in to protect the Palestinian people and help arrange for ending the Israeli occupation and the removal of the Jewish settlements inflicting havoc in the Palestinian occupied land, tens of thousands of Israeli extremists headed by Sharon, sharansky and Jewish settlers were shouting death to the Arabs in West Jerusalem, and calling on Barak's government to " Let the IDF win."

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