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Moscow, Russia -- Issue 1(23) - special, January, 2002



  On The Orthodox Christmas day, January 7, some 60 people gathered in front of FSB - KGB building at Ljubjanka Square, Moscow. They held posters "Got a spy position", "Who's next?", "Is Felix Back?". It was a first action in series of actions "Step forward and help!" in support of Grigory Pasko, Russian environmental journalist, accused of high treason for revealing the truth about dangers coming from nuclear subs. Moscow authorities have not permitted the action. The action was carried out by Socio-ecological Union International, Center for Human Rights and democracy Development, Ecodefense!, "Yabloko" political party, Greenpeace Russia, The rainbow Keepers. Yelena Bonner, the widow of Andrey Sakharov, expressed her support for the action.
  The action started by re-erection of Felix Dzerjinsky, KGB founder, statue, at the hill where it has once stood and from where during the perestroika it was thrown down. After that picketing began and it turned into spontaneous meeting. At the end the Iron Felix was removed from the hill. All this lasted for about half an hour, after that militia offered to leave the square peacefully. However, it was not all that peaceful; Young man who played the main role and was dressed up like Dzerjinsky got arrested. Parliament members Sergey Kovalev and Sergey Mitrokhin, who also participated in action, decided to go to with him and to insist on his release. The young man was freed after two hours.
  In the nearest future actions in support of Grigory Pasko will be held in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Birobijan, Volgodonsk, Novocherkassk, Rostov on Don, Kalach on Don, Yaroslavl, Nijni Novgorod, Vladivostok. On January 25, the birthday of famous Russian poet and singer Vladimir Visocky, concerts and performances in memory of freedom speech in Russia and in support of Grigory Pasko will be held in several Russian cities.

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  This issue was written and complied by Sviatoslav Zabelin - the SEU Council Co-Chair,
  Olga Berlova, Victoria Kolesnikova