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Moscow, Russia -- Issue 6(28), May, 2002 FOR URGENT REACTION



D6 project is a threat for Curonian Spit existance

  June, 3 is the deadline for the public hearings on Lukoil company project D6 (Kravtsovskoye oil mining). According to our experts, to fight the consequences of any possible breakdown the removal of huge amounts of sand at Curonian Spit is required. This is a major threat for existance of the unique Nature Reserve, which is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  As a SEU expert Alexey Grigoriev states that documents prepared by Lukoil to the public hearings are incomplete, particularly there are no alternative variations mentioned, as well as an analyse of possible impacts on tourism, fisheries and general socio-economic development of the region. Working exprience of Baltic oil minings shows that there are no technologies which can guarantee the absence of breakdowns that can pose under a threat not only Baltic environment but business reputation of the region.

  Appeal to environmental NGOs from Russia and other countries

  We would like to inform You about new project of LUKOIL-KaliningradMorNeft (Kaliningrad division of national company LUKOIL) company which suggest of installation of oil platform, drilling and exploitation of Kravtsovskoe oilfield (D6) located at continental shelf of Baltic Sea about 22 kilometers offshore.
  The most dangerous factor of this project is oilfield nearness to Curonian Spit National Park including in list of the UNESCO World Heritage objects in December 2000. The distance from oil platform and underwater pipeline to Kuronian Spit coast is 22 kilometers.
  Also we would emphasize that existing undercurrent along Baltic coast in this area running from south-west to north-east is able to move the oil spill in direction of Lithuania shore and territorial water. Neverless LUKOIL experts have disclaimed the possibility of trans-boundary transfer of oil spill and wouldn't plan any measures to prevent the possible pollution. So, ignoring such treat, Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft do not model possible situations of transboundary pollution and do not plan serious measures to evade or liquidate such situation (for example, systems for alarming foreign countries, common liquidation measures and so on).
  We think that realization of such project as installation of oil drilling station at D6 on the shore of Baltic Sea is a possible source of problems for Baltic Sea Countries and must be accessed internationally.
  * More information available at web-site

  We ask those who oppose this project to send letters to the Governor of Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation Mr.Vladimir Yegorov by fax +7(0112)46-38-62   Letter sample
  To the Governor of Kaliningrad Region

  Mr. Governor!
  We, representatives of (::name of Your NGO::) are anxious about perspectives of oil extracting at the shelf of Baltic Sea. Drilling platform is locating in immediate closure from National park Curonian Spit and threaten to its existence.
  We would draw your attention to possibility of oil spills from platform, in that case the environmental stress to Curonian Spit ecosystems would be have inadmissible scale. In case of emergency situation and oil spill from platform itself or from pipeline, and as consequence pollution of Curonian Spit shore cleaning of coastline would be possible only by measures of mechanical removing of huge quantity of beach sand. But due the deficit of row materials deposit at coastal zone of Curonian Spit the removing of sand will entail of intensification of erosion processes of Spit and losing of unique ecosystem of Curonian Bay. (Part 6.1.2 of project documentation, paragraph "Evaluation of consequences of oil spills for underwater and coastal landscapes").
  We suggest you to demand of improving of emergence plan from LUKOIL enterprise and enforce it to implementation of supporting measures directed on conservation and preservation of National Park ecosystems.
  Finally the responsibility for all accidents in Kaliningrad region will lie down on you as you head of Administration and we hope that your personal authority and positive image of Kaliningrad Region will be found more valuable than short - term profit from oil extracting.

  For more information:
  Ecodefense! Group, Kaliningrad

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  This issue was written and complied by Sviatoslav Zabelin - the SEU Council Co-Chair,
  Olga Berlova, Victoria Kolesnikova