Socio-ecological Union

4. State ecological policy implementation

4.1. State management system development for ecological policy implementation

For efficiency of the control over ecological safety of all activities, preservation and rational use of nature resources for the welfare of present and future generations, prevention and elimination of the threats for environment and health it is necessary:

  • provide for independence of the state environmental assessment and control of any entities responsible for nature use;
  • provide for clear differentiation of the authority and responsibility between federal and regional authorities, local governments in control over nature resources use, condition and quality of environment;
  • introduction of licencing system, especially for potentially harmful activities;
  • development and implementation of the federal, regional, local and other specific programs and action plans on environment protection.

4.2. Economical mechanisms for ecological policy implementation

  • provide for priority taxation of the amount of resources used instead of taxing labor;
  • develop and apply taxation and tariff policies, stimulation export transition from raw material to processed goods;
  • provide targeted support for clean-up from money gained from state property privatization;
  • develop and apply taxation system, aimed on reduction of pollution coming from city transport;
  • application of "polluter pays" principle - amount of payments for discharges should directly depend of the amount discharged and of substance danger;
  • create legislative basis for real compensation for environment damage and to persons suffered as the result of pollution or ecological disasters;
  • ensure public control over state ecological funds money use;
  • develop different ecological ensurance forms;
  • develop legislative and economical mechanisms for used product reprocessing;
  • development of eco-audit of enterprises.

4.3. Financial mechanisms for ecological policy implementation

To ensure sustainable funding for activities aimed on environment protection and restoration, transition of industry and agriculture to environment-friendly model the following should be done:

  • to implement the scheme of ecological debt and similar principles during the negotiations on debts; - develop the system of redistribution of state budget to conserve undisturbed ecosystems and to support indigenous (environment -friendly) nature use;
  • create legislative basis to promote charity activities and for targeting part of the taxes paid by persons for specific charity activities, including environment and nature protection.

4.4. Ensuring protection of constitutional rights

To protect civic constitutional rights and to provide for environmental responsibilities fulfillment it is necessary to:

  • ensure legislative and organizational basis for direct public participation in environmental and other related to their health and life decision making
  • pause or terminate projects that did not receive positive conclusion of state environmental assessment
  • activate legislative mechanisms of solving conflicts in court between citizens, authorities, business, including those on environmental issues
  • establish favorable conditions for public ecological control development, including public inspections, public environmental assessment etc.

4.5. Information on ecological policy

To provide Russian citizens with the level of information and education that allows active participation in sustainable development process and provides for environmental safety, besides many other activities, we consider necessary the following:

  • free access to environemntal information or other that relates to environment and health safety;
  • efficient monitoring and statistics system on environment condition and population health;
  • work to indicate all territories that were polluted by dangerous substances in previous years, especially as the result of military activities.

4.6. Ecological culture

Main activities in this direction are:

  • increase of the state support for the studies on environment protection and environmental safety;
  • provide for non-stop environmental education;
  • "ecologisation" of higher education with mandatory environmental part of all courses;
  • activities on environemntal awareness raising among officials and Chief Execitive Officers

* * *

For Russian State Ecological Doctrine implementation Government develops long term, midterm and logterm action plans on environment protection and non-exhaustive rational resource use, as well as national plans of environmental health protection, actively involving public in plan development and decision-making process.

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